Blanket scarf and red sweater dress remix + Co- hosting Mix It Monday link up

Today I am excited to be guest co-hosting with Lauren of for the link up Mix It Mondays. I have been following Lauren’s blog for a while now and I am just amazed at how she can remix certain items from vests, chambray, a LBD and more every Monday. I also love that she is a new mommy and can still pull off looking so great, I am thrilled to be working with her today. Make sure you pay her a visit and check out what part of her wardrobe she has remixed.
Now on to my outfit, remix photos below and the link up. I look forward to checking your linked blogs out.
I have been wanting “the” Zara blanket scarf for months before the holidays and while I love my other Zara blue and green scarf I couldn’t find “the” one online for the price range needed except to find used ones by other bloggers and even those were pricey. With Christmas money burrowing a hole in my pocket I remembered several shops on instagram or through blog advertisements of shops that carried “similar” blanket scarves. After checking many of those sites, even and finding SOLD OUT everywhere I came upon and there it was for $15. Now I am glad to say this “similar” to Zara blanket scarf is now mine and I just love it, I wear it often and get loads of compliments on it.
I choose to belt the scarf around me for a poncho/cape effect but had a hard time pulling it off correctly, especially with the wind in these photos and moving around through out the day.
This red sweater dress is a favorite in color for me but honestly too tight, but with an added vest, jacket or even this scarf it hides the unflattering parts of my body.
Outfit details: Red dress: Old Navy//Blanket Scarf: Old Navy//Booties: gift//Purse: Michael Kors (gift)//Belt: thrifted// Lipstick: my own DIY (post on this coming up soon).

See how else I have worn this dress (even as a top).
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How do you style a sweater dress? A blanket scarf?
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Summerizing a LBD and eventful Memorial Day

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DSC00934 DSC00936 DSC00941
Outfit details:LBD- Michael Michael Kors (old, Michael Kors Outlet)//Fedora hat: Virtis (Plato’s Closet)//Sandals: Old Navy (old)//Sunglasses: unknown brand (Plato’s Closet)//Necklace:Charlotte Russe (old).

I thought I would share with you my LBD purchased on my honeymoon in Williamsburg, VA from my hubby at a Michael Kors outlet and how I accessorized, oops I mean summer-ized it.
I am rocking my fedora hat A LOT lately and loved it paired with the dress to give it a casual fun look. I was dressed this way for a family BBQ, park an creek play with kids (where these photos were taken) and shopping with my sister, sister-in-law, brother and kids. The dress was just the right length for creek water walking, a humid day outside, but cool enough for the outdoors and indoors. I wore this LBD styled this way through Saturday and got nothing but compliments, from my in-laws, sister, hubby even checked out by a creepy man at the grocery store. I guess you could call this a bold, step out of the box for me look, but I loved it. You can check out my winter-ized styling of this dress towards the end of the post.

Memorial Day events:
My memorial day was eventful, filled with pure enjoyment, I was allowed to sleep in while hubby took care of the kids, I went to starbucks for some me time and responded to some bloggers, ran to the grocery store and had my brother Luke and brother Jonathan and his family over for some water play outside and a cook-out.
I say the day was eventful, because it was packed with fun, but stress. The cookout and a million kids around was stressful enough, but our son Max had a fever most of the afternoon. He slept through some of the day, but was rather hot and throwing up. By the time the cookout was finished and everyone gone, kids in bed that was when Max woke up. He had been shivering like he was cold, he was burning up, tempature 103.2 so he was given a bottle of cold water. My hubby felt I needed to call his pediatrian on call, so I ended up speaking to a nurse about his symptoms and right away he started seizing. The nurse told me to call 911 immediately. Max had about a 3 to 5 minute seizure in my hubbies arms. I was in tears, scared, talking to the 911 dispatcher as she told me an ambulance was on it’s way and how to keep Max positioned. He threw up and continued to do so even in the ambulance to the hospital with my hubby. In God’s perfect timing my neighbor and her daughter came out and prayed with me and offered to stay with my kids til my mom and dad arrived. We spent 4 hours in the ER and were relieved that his tempature went down, he didn’t seize anymore and the seizure, we were told wouldn’t cause any longterm or harmful damage. God is good but He took care of our Max, and we are so thankful for His divine healing and for prayer warriors. Max is feeling a lot better, though not 100 percent.
He was diagnosed with Febrile seizures, commonly seen in children 3 mos to 6 years old that have tempatures from 102 up. I know a lot of moms read my blog but has this happened to your children or someone elses child you might know?
How was your memorial day?
My winterized version of this same LBD.

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Outfit details: Top: Old Navy (from last summer)//Cropped Pants: 1st Kiss (Thrifted at Goodwill)//Pendant: Red Buffalo Trading Co.

First of all not only would my hubby consider the first picture posted as a pin-up bombshell model look for me(he took the photo) but the pendant around my neck is made from a bombshell sort to speak. I won this pendant through a giveaway that Rachel of had here. She collaborated with Corlie of Red Buffalo Trading co to have my now lovely pendant mailed. To read the story of this piece of recycled-bomb jewelry or to order one or one like it click here. I love it. I wore it to my son Xander’s birthday party, a date day (where these photos are taken), to church on Sunday and for other events on Sunday. It is lightweight and fun to play with. I am in love. Thank you Rachel and Corlie. (Corlie’s blog here).

I want to thank you (my readers and followers) for all of your sweet compliments, prayers and encouragement in my last post. It meant a lot. I am sorry for the missing in action lately. I have actually been doing more responsible things (as if my life revolved around blogging and sometimes I wish it did) but I have been doing the following things instead:

Go on a evening date with my hubby(where these photos come from) we rode our bikes to the local trail/park and did a mini mountain bike till we reached this Greenway River. Skipped rocks, had a picnic and took photos of course. Then we went to Starbucks, and out to rent the movie “THe Heat,” great movie.

Watch Game of Thrones (finished season 2, now on to 3), watch Once Upon a Time (I am 2 episodes behind), plan a birthday party for Xander, have the party. Try to relocate an important document for my teacher licensure renewal (so far not getting anywhere- prayers please), compile and revisit some items needed for the teacher licensure renewal, be more intentional and patient with my kids, and love my hubby more.

What are some things you have been working on in your personnel life? Any goals?

Here is a more dressier way in which I have worn this pendant:


 Outfit details: Pink top: Dots (hand-me-down from soon to be sister-In-law Courtney)//White undertop:Oldnavy (old)//Pants: motherhood(old)//Heels:Fabulaire (thrifted from Goodwill)//Purse:Michael Kors Hamilton Tote (wedding gift from cousin)//Pendant Necklace: Red Buffalo Trading Co.Like what I have posted?! You can follow me through these medias: Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.
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My go-to mini cardigan

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This grey cardi is probably my go-to clothing item.  It is so versatile and goes with everything.  I actually got it for $1 at a yard sale this past spring when I was pregnant with my twins.  It is actually a A.N.A maternity cardigan- but you can’t tell.  I thought I would give you a sneak peek at three ways it has been worn. But  I know and  hope I can pair it with more items in the near future.


With these pairings I am linked up with Lauren at Mix It Mondays.

Charming Fridays– with Susan of Charming Lucy.

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Mix It- Michael Kors Belt/Black Top/Leggings

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Today’s weather was yucky and wet and there was actually an inch of snow on the ground, but it had all melted through the day so you can’t see a trace of it. Anyway, I wore this outfit out on a sort of alone time date with my hubby even though all we did was get taxes filed (getting the BIGGEST return EVER!- Praise God) and go by Chick-fil-a, but hey we spent along time riding to our destinations and just talked (something that can occasionally be hard to do in a van with 4 kids). I picked out this top and belt on purpose and mixed it with an old skirt and boots just to see how it would turn out. I tucked in the shirt into the skirt and actually liked it. Let me know what you think?


I also wore this similar look here. The black top is actually untucked and looks like a short dress if I would have allowed it too. Check below for some pictures from that post.


Wearing in both looks: Top: Tempted Hearts (old)//Belt: Michael Kors (actually part of a dress I own but used on everything)//Leggings: Old Navy

Wearing in today’s look (First one): Boots:Yoki (style Maya II) bought at Plato Closet for $10. Blue skirt: Old Navy (old).

Wearing in second look: Glasses: Target//Sandals: Old Navy (old).

Which mix do you like better? With that said I linked up with Lauren at Mix It Mondays. and at Casual Fridays.

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