Spring/Summer Activity for Kids: Pine cone bird feeder

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I have had these photos for a few months now of a simple bird feeder project using pine cones, string or ribbon, clothes hanger, peanut butter, bird feed and butter knife (and newspaper). Now I know many of you have probably seen these hanging at your child’s elementary school or maybe had your child bring one home but it’s my 5 year olds favorite out door project, this is our second year doing it. Here are some simple step-by- step instructions with photo captions:


Nevaeh with the needed items


Tie ribbon around the pine cone near an end


Attach the ribbon to a hanger. Do this for each pine cone, I did 4


Spread out a newspaper and lay the pine cones down on it.

Spread peanut butter on each pine cone and sprinkle bird feed on top.


Hang the hanger on a tree limb or post.



Watch your kids (and birds, squirrels) enjoy!

I am sure you found that easy, and it works to. The pine cones no longer have feed on them. Enjoy this project if you get around to it!
Rachel xo

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