Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me #7 and NEW Link-up

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Hello everyone and welcome to another addition to the series of “Blggers Who Have Inspired Me” see the others here here, here, here and here and here.  This is a series where I pick a selected group of posts from different bloggers (sometimes multiple times from the same bloggers) and feature the bloggers and their posts on here so that 1). they get featured for their talent, creativity, inspiration, etc  2). So that you get to meet new bloggers and hopefully be inspired yourself.

Today this addition will continue as the others but with a new added feature- a link up. What I want to do is allow you to link up a recent post of yours to the link up and once the link up is finished I will select 2-4 posts that were linked to be featured for the next part in the series. If you have already been featured in this series before, link up as well as you might be featured again. I only ask that you follow the rules at the bottom of this post under the button. Now on to the bloggers that are featured today.


Many people don’t know this but I have an appreciation for vintage and retro pieces whether in fashion, décor or collectibles.   I also liked working with (a clothing company) in the past so when I saw that my blogging friend Amber of had eShakti and retro combined into one I was in awe.

f IMG_1576 (2) u

I just adore the length of this midi retro looking skirt on Amber and if you visit the original post here and look at the photos I am sure it would make you want to stroll with her down memory lane (if you remember the retro days that is). Either way I know I was inspired to look for a cute midi skirt or skater skirt and tag along with her. Aside from the retro looking skirt I like the modern day touches she added to it from the baubled pearl layered necklace to the soles of a fine heeled. Amber has much more in store for fashion and a secret opportunity opening up soon so be sure to check out her blog and follow her t find out what that is I am beyond excited for her already.

Pregnancy Fashion:

How to hide a Baby Bump, well Ashley of post intrigued me by the title. You know those moments when you have no idea someone is pregnant til bam they are nearing their second or even third trimester well that my friends is Ashley. She concealed her pregnancy for a LONGG time and  I kid you not I just sort of happened upon her Instagram one day and surprise! In her post here she gives you tips on how to hide your pregnancy, if you are indeed trying to keep your current or future pregnancy a secret for longer. Ashley inspired me because we had to hide our son Alexanders’ pregnancy until 25 weeks along (long story, e-mail me if you want an explanation). Ashley’s post definitely gave me some future ide as well as remind me of what I went through to hide.



If you are a fashion or trend appreciator or blogger then you know that lately graphic tees an especially ‘Wife” tees have become the”trendy” item, yet they can be pricey. I recently saw Carrie of come up with her own DIY sequined wife tee an becme inspired by her efforts, creativity and chic looking top (see her post here). I also love her “no breaking bank” efforts and how it turned out. If you appreciate fashion, DIY, mmmy stuffad recipes then check out her blog and co-hosted “What Wives Wear” link up on Thursdays.

Add this button or this post URL link to your post, follow the rules (below) and then link-up:

Rules of the link up are as follows:

1). Please link up recent posts and include the link up button or post this URL link back on your blog. The posts can be about fashion, DIY projects, recipes, inspiration, tips, etc.

2). Please follow your host Rachel of Garay Treasures either by Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or all.

3). Stop by and check out the other bloggers who have linked up and be inspired.

4).Depending on how many link up I will feature 2 or more bloggers and their posts for my next “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link-up or series.

5). Have fun! Comment below if you have any questions! Thanks for linking up!

20 thoughts on “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me #7 and NEW Link-up

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  2. Great series Rachel! You are always so good about working with other bloggers. Love your kindness that comes through in the blogging world! I’ve been out of blogging for a bit but hoping to ease my way back. I’m glad to have you on IG as I have been following along there 🙂

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  4. Your kindness is so radiant Rachel. Thank you so much for your lovely feature and sweet words about me. I am so excited you featured my retro midi skirt, it is one of my favorite pieces I own and that is one of my favorites posts I’ve ever done. Thanks for sharing the other girls’ blogs too, I love checking out new blogs!!
    Wishing you a WONDERFUL week!!!!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

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