DIY Lipstick

While I was away from blogging for a month I intentionally did a few more activities with my kids and this DIY lipstick project was just one of those that my husband and I did with Nevaeh (who is 6 now) while the babies were asleep for the night. My husband and some facebook friends introduced me to this video here on just how to do it. Below is a list of the ingredients:
A box of Crayola (or any brand) of crayons and as many as you need or want from a pack of 12 to 100+
Coconut oil
Plastic condiment serving cups with lids
Measuring Spoons, especially a 1/2 tsp.
Measuring cup of about 1 in a half cups of water.
Serving toothpicks or craft sticks
Q-tips or lip brush for applying lipstick at the end

First of all pick out the crayons colors that will be used to make lipstick with and peel off the paper from the crayons (this was the most tedius part).


In the video in the link provided above the presenter suggests writing down the colors used (especially when using many different shades of crayons) I didn’t do this step though.

Fill a saucepan or skillet with about 1 in a half cups of water and then put the skillet on a burner and turn the burner dial to LOW.
Put the same number of plastic serving cups in the water as designated for each color used.
Next take 1/2 a tsp of coconut oil and put it in each individual little plastic cup and let the coconut oil melt
Next break up the crayons and add a 3/4 of a crayon color to each little container and let these melt into the melted coconut oil, stir with serving sticks or toothpicks. ***We made the mistake of adding the whole crayon to each which changed the results big time in the end, but more on that in a moment. ***


As the crayon completely melts stir and remove the plastic containers from the water and let these cool. Then take a q-tip or lip brush and have fun applying.


Nevaeh tried a pink crayon color


I choose a red color that I wore with this outfit post here.

Our results or findings from this project:

-This project takes under an hour to do

-You might spend anywhere from $5-$10 for supplies depending on cost and where you buy items or based on what you already have on hand.

-we placed the whole crayon into the coconut oil when really all was needed was 3/4 of a crayon.
-The lipstick made my lips itch after wearing it for an extended period of time so perhaps lip balm or moisturizer applied before hand would have helped.
– The use of too much crayon cause the lipstick pigment to harden to the point of being harder to get out with the q-tip (theory: possibly because of the adding of the whole crayon rather than 3/4 of it).

Overall it was a fun activity and Nevaeh still applies it daily, to wear to her friends, church etc. I loved getting to spend this time with her.

If you do this activity let me know how it turns out.
Have you ever made DIY lipstick or make-up?

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13 thoughts on “DIY Lipstick

  1. I was wondering how well this works…I may have to try this out, for the heck of it. It’s things like this that make me wish I had a little girl. All well!

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