Not just for teachers…parents too

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Every teacher (elementary, middle and high school) is familiar with Lee Canters “Assertive Discipline” and the technique of putting marbles in a jar for a students or classes good behavior- well let me tell you this works not just in the classroom but at home as well with my preschooler (almost 5) and 21 month old (somewhat- he likes the marbles more than the concept but no harm in starting young).
Let me explain. Every time my two children are caught doing something good, creative and listening and following directions on the first command they get a marble. They can get as many marbles in a day and some days are “random double marble day” so more marbles for the desired behavior.
When the marble jars are completely full they get a reward. My Nevaeh (4 almost 5 next week) has earned trips to the art museum, movie theater, science museum, shopping, local ice cream parlor, etc. Xander is working towards fruit snacks (since we don’t do sweets a lot).
Also, our 4 year olds classroom does a “penny jar” and once the students collect 25 pennies for good behaviors/direction following they get to go into the toy “treasure box” count the pennies and start over. Nevaeh loves this and reinforces math skills (counting, coin recognition) and more good behaviors.
I have included photos and items needed for the marble containers I use but you can use anything around the house or go out and buy these: (make sure the jar is see- through or clear so that they can visually see progress).

List of items:
-Baby food jar w/lid
-Parmesan cheese container with lid (I use Kroger store brand) but you can use mason jars, food containers anything.
-a smile 🙂
Take a look: 20140203-185348.jpg20140203-185406.jpg20140203-185433.jpg
* can use cotton balls, jelly beans, candy, Pom Pom balls- but best to stay with something you can re-use.

Thanks for reading- hopefully moms, wanna be moms, grandparents and teachers can use this as a resource.

Question: what works in your home or classroom for creating positive reinforcement?

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